Food Ministries

Blessed John Paul’s Food PantryBlessed John Paul’s Food Pantry

This Food Pantry was started in 2012 to help feed the homeless who lived in camps and cars. It then became an outreach to lower income families who find it very difficult to make it to the end of the month. Many times they are only allowed to get food twice a month from other agencies, and they need more help because they are living paycheck to paycheck. Mr. Howard Burch keeps the food pantry stocked, and many of our pantry friends visit each week. Donations are always welcome; we can always use canned meat, tuna, chicken and vienna sausage.


St. Therese MobileSt. Therese Mobile

The St. Therese Mobile is used during the cold winter months. When the temperature decreases to 20 degrees or lower, the Therese Mobile moves into action. It goes out from 8:00 pm to 12:00 am to visit the homeless camps. We provide hot coffee, food and can distribute special winter wear. Many homeless die each year from the freezing temperatures, so we drive the streets looking for those who may need some help getting to a warm location or just need some winter supplies.