The Corporal Works of Mercy

“Feed The Hungry” &  “Give Drink to the Thirsty”

The Homeless enjoy freshly brewed hot coffee, lemonade or water, pastries, homemade cookies, and sack lunches, containing a bottled water. Each bag is decorated by children from the community and surrounding areas. Visitors are also offered companionship, friendship, and spiritual guidance, for those thirsting for the Word of God. In the garden courtyard, there is freedom from radio, televisions, announcements, and other noises many encounter in missions, bus stations, and jail. 

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Take a look at the garden courtyard

“Clothe the Naked” 

Many people served at the pantry have their clothing stolen or confiscated. Some of the institutions set up to help the poor only give clothing once a month regardless of a person’s needs. People need clean underwear, socks, shirts, pants, shoes, coats, blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, and backpacks.  Many also need a place to wash their clothes.  To meet these needs, the 2400 square foot building next door to the pantry was rented, renovated, and equipped with shelving, clothing racks, a washer and dryer, air conditioning and heating to serve as a clothing room.  

 We have two closets available to those in need. Learn more

 “Give Shelter to the Homeless” 

Too many poor people are taken advantage of by others.  Landlords make promises to fix broken windows, doors, floors, and plumbing but do not keep the promises.   Many of these rent houses are infested with roaches and vermin.  It is filth and unfit, and yet the rent is high.  In 2010, began St. Elizabeth's Transitional Housing. We created our “Two by Two” program, getting people off the streets two at a time. 

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“Visit the Sick”

Many of our volunteers visit those homeless who are sick, in the hospital, or in long term care till death. 

“Visit those imprisoned” 

We do try to look after our brothers and sisters who have to spend time in county jail or prisons for longer periods.  Many times they will go to county for not paying fines, or breaking probation.  

“Bury the Dead” 

If one of our friends has no family, we will be sure that they have a final resting place and area buried with dignity. Steven Beachboard was one of our friends who is now resting place is in Resurrection Cemetery.